Tools to Build an Effective B2B Marketing Sales Funnel

Jan 3

Tools to Build an Effective B2B Marketing Sales Funnel

The B2B marketing has always been different than B2C. B2B is about finding the right business partner with the right set of skills and knowledge to help your company meet its goals. B2C, on the other hand, is more about making an emotional connection with consumers so they will buy your product.

Getting people to opt-in B2B is not an easy task. Businesses have many options, and B2B sales would rather receive a cold lead than one that comes from B2C. By building trust and brand visibility, B2B companies can set themselves up as experts in their field and increase the chances of achieving B2B marketing goals more efficiently.

There are many B2B marketing tools that you can use to achieve those goals. Here is a list of B2B marketing tools every marketer should look into:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most used web analytics tool for webmasters and marketers around the world. It helps track traffic coming to your website with details on demographics, where they come from (direct, social, search engines, etc), B2B campaigns tracking, B2C campaigns tracking, goals and events tracking.

Referral Siphon

Referral Siphon helps B2B marketers find new leads by creating a list of potential B2B leads based on the criteria you provide. You can use it for lead gen or increasing B2B sales referrals.


Buzzstream helps track down influencers in different industries to promote your business through high-quality content. Buzzstream provides tools that help B2B companies identify their most influential customers who are bloggers and journalists, as well as keeping track of all outreach activities and relationships within one platform. It also helps manage B2B social media and customer support services on Twitter and Facebook. helps B2B marketers engage their audience through personalized email campaigns. B2B companies use it to deliver targeted messages depending on the customer’s behavior on the website, or based on some actions they might have taken previously.


Trello is a free B2B marketing tool that helps B2B companies collaborate with colleagues and organize workflows better. Trello helps track tasks assigned to different people, as well as keep the plan up-to-date for B2C teams. It is especially useful if you are running B2B lead generation campaigns by hand without any CRM, which can be quite time consuming if done manually.


Evernote provides free B2B marketing tools for B2C teams who want to better organize their work and achieve B2B marketing goals by making it easier for them to collaborate. B2B marketers use Evernote as a knowledge repository so everyone has access to B2C campaigns and B2B processes, as well as their results.


Toggl helps B2B companies track time spent on various tasks that are part of B2B lead generation campaigns, which helps them keep their budget under control. It also provides reporting tools that can be used after the campaign ends to understand how much time was spent working on each task and what the results were in terms of conversions if any.


HubSpot is an all-in-one B2B marketing platform that B2C companies can use to manage B2B lead generation campaigns. It combines B2B marketing tools with CRM, SEO, social media management and email marketing functionality.


Lander helps B2B marketers create B2B landing pages that are focused on generating more B2B leads. It is used primarily for B2B lead gen, but it can also be used as part of B2B customer acquisition strategies if the business decides to advertise on Facebook or Google AdWords.


Outreach is another B2B tool that helps contact influencers in different industries and notify them about your latest content/products/services they might be interested in. The goal of outreach to build relationships with potential customers and B2C clients and B2B potential leads, in order to provide them with great B2C services.


Zapier helps B2B companies build B2B marketing campaigns by connecting the different B2C tools they use for their lead generation campaigns, such as CRM, email marketing, etc. It helps automate manual B2B lead gen tasks that are time-consuming and resource-intensive. Zapier also offers a paid plan for advanced automation needs.


Marketo provides B2B marketers with a powerful combination of B2C marketing automation functionalities with a strong focus on maximizing ROI from B2B lead generation campaigns by ensuring maximum conversions from the available traffic sources. Marketo also offers B2B marketers a free marketing automation trial for 30 days to help B2B companies see how it works and if they could benefit from B2C lead generation campaigns.

B2B customers are making decisions differently than B2C or B2G customers so it is important that you optimize all areas of your business for leads, leads into opportunities, opportunities into conversions, and conversions into customers.

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